Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Penitent Man

Venue: Seattle International Film Festival, 2010
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
Mood: Neutrally idiotic
Rating: 1/5

I've struggled for a few days on what to say about this film. On one hand, it's nothing I'd ever recommend. On the other, it's a study of what not to do. It has been one of the most discussed movies of the festival in our home, mostly because I can't stop complaining about it. It has no redeeming qualities, but I've compiled a list of other people's positive remarks for you to consider:

Remark: "At least it was nice to see exterior shots of Seattle in the film."
Response: "No it wasn't."

Remark: "Both production quality and sound were really good."
Response: "Yes, I can see and hear everything, but I really wish I couldn't."

Remark: "Lance Henriksen's performance was good."
Response: "Sure, but how did they get Lance to even do this film?"


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